Monday, June 27, 2011

The Man In the Mirror

Woke up every morning. See my image in the mirror. He too sees me back. I notice that this mirror guy might be bit tired. ( Don't think naughty XD ). I mean he actually slept but seems didn't get enough sleep. Probably I use to think too much before every time I sleep. Because I want to analyze my activities in the day. I keep wondering whether there was something wrong in communicating with my society.

I might have to live according to the situations around me. If they want to be funny, I become funny guy. But, when I look into the mirror, I ask myself am I really funny? Then why do I keep pretending?? They do laugh me when I make jokes but is it really laughable or just pretending AGAIN? Why can't be me?

I might look like a mature guy who is confident about being alone. But only me know that I am total isolated. People think this guy can do his own without help. So, just leave him. But when I am friendly and warm to them, they still keep pushing me away and neglecting!! So what would I do? Am I too disgusted?

The guy in the mirror uses to look into my eyes. He knows I am lying the society. Of cos, I have no choice but lie. Otherwise, how would I live? Society gives the particular places for liers. Liers and pretenders make friends each other. Honest people always left out...

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