Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Lonely Island

Am I arrogant? Am I freak? Why would I always face huge difficulties to find friends?  I have no idea why society cannot accept me who I am. Pretending face, lying , selfishness and betraying keep threatening me everyday. Even though I smile whenever I meet strangers and new people, nothing's changed. I still don't have friends as much as I think.

Please tell me society. Did I make any wrong? Tell me if I make you annoy. I can understand you, but why can't you just understand me a bit. Over the few years, I am still me. Nothing's different. Still me , eat alone, live alone, work alone and study alone. When people look at me, they think I am totally jerk. Why this guy keeps smiling? What a pity? Does he need accompany? He is so needy! Of cos I am. That's why I keep smiling until my jaws are locked.

You let the mind open and tell the truth to people you met. But what you get is just fake. They will notice you only when they need help. Other than that time, you lock up yourself in the empty and quiet room cos nobody remembers you to call. All things you have is just sitting and watching your outdated lappy that shows "Google". That's your only companion. If there is no internet, how are you supposed to live in this scary room? You have seen your friends' mail box. Wow, mails are over flowing. But, when you see (1) besides inbox, there is no words to say how happy you are.

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