Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Empty Room

Hear the footsteps and opening door knobs. He is coming back. Everyday he comes back alone, taking off his shoes tired. He sat on the chair while he took out his phone from left pocket and put it on the table. He always checks his phone whether there is messages or phone calls. But there is nothing.
He opens all his social websites and smiles when someone comments on his facebook or gets friend invites. But, he is not fully satisfied because he expects more invitations and comments. That's why he keeps trying so nice to people. Now, he changes back to normal mood and keeps his lips tight feeling misery.
Hours and hours passed, he reads all the stuff of  friends like photos, links, and friends' making comments to other people he barely knows. He found out unbelievably that their comments between each other are warmer than they are to him.

He wants to call home and talk about experiences and activities for a day.But he doesn't want to cos they might notice their son needs accompany. They also can't do anything except listening to whatever he says. He really doesn't want to annoy them. Because they got their own problems. So let it be.. 
What about calling friends? He wants to call some of them. But what would he talk? He worries that his friends might think he is deadly boring because he doesn't really have anything interested to say. Topics about girls? He is not actually good playboy. Drugs and alcohols? He kinda like these stuff but still doesn't understand why his friends does not call him when they do these stuff. So, seriously he doesn't want to waste energy chatting with them. 

Suddenly the phone got message alert. His face becomes brighter and of cos he checks it. Yeah, he got the message but not from his friends. It is just an advertising message from phone service. Half discount for every 3 outgoing messages!! Thank you.. But, he doesn't have a chance to send even 1 message in a week.
So, there is nothing left to do but go to bed early. Lying in the bed, watching the ceiling thinking what if the ceiling falls to him. Good! he gonna die without suffering. But would anybody know he is dead in this room?

He is sleepy now. He's gonna dream about this guy. Everybody loves him and welcomes him. People can't live without him. He is funny, mature, patient, and most important thing is that he is so friendly. People acknowledge it and friendly back to him. His life is enjoyable. He's gonna dream about this guy almost every night.

Me, what possibly could I do for him? Nothing but just wait for him coming back and watch his daily boring life as an empty room he lives in...


  1. Hello! Is it alright if I use the third picture (the greyscale one) as a book cover for my story? I will give you the link and credit you c: